LAC Trimline finds the
optimum cutting line
fully automatically.

LAC Trimline is the missing piece of the puzzle for your digital workflow. Automate the generation of the cutting line with LAC Trimline. LAC Trimline - always the perfect cutting line for your aligner production.

Manual creation of cutting lines was yesterday. LAC Trimline automatically finds the right cutting line.

LAC Trimline automatically finds the appropriate cutting line. Open model file, generate cutting line, export, done!

LAC Trimline analyzes the dental arch and finds the appropriate cutting line fully automatically. You can choose between a straight or a shell cut. Individual line points can be edited as required. The software is compatible with any STL 3D file used for 3D printing. With just one click, the PTS file matching the 3D model is exported.

LAC Trimline is the missing piece of the puzzle for treatment planning without a section line function.

License models

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Subscription license

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Lifetime license

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System requirements

Supported operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher
CPU: Intel x86 architecture with 64-bit support (x86-64) or comparable with at least 2.00 GHz clock speed
RAM: At least 4 GB of RAM
GPU: Standard Intel HD Graphics 620 or equivalent sufficient
Other: 100MB hard drive space for installation


LAC Trimline is available as a lifetime license or as a subscription model. Start now!