An aligner ready every
minute, without manual

The Laser Aligner Cutter automatically cuts clear aligners for you. Its digital workflow makes it so precise that there is no need to polish or finish the edges, saving your resources

Improve the quality of your products while reducing manual workflows of your aligner production!

LAC improves quality and reduces manual workflows in your clear aligner production.

As a dental laboratory or dental practice, you are often faced with the challenge of making the best use of your resources. The demand for esthetic dental treatments is increasing, but it is often difficult to meet the demand with the existing staff.

Creating clear aligners manually takes time and manpower. With the LAC, you not only increase your productivity by up to seven times, but you can exceed your customers' quality expectations.

The advantages speak for themselves

Fully automatic cutting of clear aligners

Process time 1 minute

Excellent cut and edge quality

No post processing like polishing necessary

Compatible with any 3D printing model

Engraving function

Compatible with all common thermoformers

Digital interface to the most popular planning software packages such as 3Shape, Arcadlab or OnyxCeph

Developed and produced in Salzburg – Austria

Boost your productivity!



Laboratories that use LAC increase their productivity by up to seven times!




"All you have to do is remove the finished aligner - any minute".